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Giant Alligator Roams This Florida Golf Course

Worried about those dreaded sand traps? How about this giant 16-foot alligator getting in the way?!

Who would think a giant alligator would be good for business? In the case of this estimated 15- to 16-foot beast, which casually wanders the greens and fairways of Florida's Buffalo Creek Golf Course, he has become the star attraction.

"People have heard that he is out here and that is all they want to see so they will bring spectators to ride so somebody can get a picture," pro shop clerk Wendy Schofield told News 3. "He doesn't bother anybody and they don't bother him, he's like a mascot for the course, which is owned by Manatee County."

In this video, shot by Charles Helms, the giant alligator can be seen casually strolling across the fairway as he makes his way to the lake by the third hole.

Talk about a beast of a gator! And it sure puts a whole new spin on yelling 'fore'!

Think this alligator is a new Florida record? The current one weighs in at 780 pounds and is 14 long. Definitely close.


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Giant Alligator Roams This Florida Golf Course