Here's the Scoop! Grocery Store Chain Aldi Just Released Ice Cream for Dogs Planned for Late June

It's time for ice cream for your dogs! (Yes, I'm screaming about ice cream as I share my ice cream with our hounds all the time but in tiny amounts and now I can give them their own bowl).

The news is out!

We got the scoop from Delish. German grocery store chain Aldi is launching a frozen treat for dogs. The brand's Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream will be hitting shelves on June 26.

There's more though, it's a limited run (see below Tweet)! Delish explains that the Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream is an Aldi Find. 

"So new items arrive and then exit store shelves shortly thereafter, though the time frame varies product to product."

So you better become an Aldi insider. We are now checking out all the Aldi finds for the month.

So what flavors are we getting excited about? Delish shares that we can look forward to four tubs — two in the Original flavor and two in the Cheese & Bac'n flavor. We also wanted to know about the original flavor!

"For what it's worth, it's not totally clear what Original actually tastes like; pet-centric website Dog O Day postulates that it might resemble a classic dog biscuit kind of flavor, although that's pure speculation at this point." 

It's an ice cream "style" treat rather than actual ice cream but that doesn't really matter, does it?

June 26 is the day! The frozen treats will retail for $3.00. Make sure to follow them on social media! 

Staff note: We use ice cream with our senior dogs to get medication down the hatch easier! Try ice cream the next time you struggle with medicine!

Would you buy dog ice cream? Please leave us a comment below. 

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