Bowhunting Alaskan Brown Bear
YouTube: KUIU Ultralight Hunting

Bowhunter Makes Perfect Heart-Lung Shot on Huge Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaskan brown bear hunting is on many a hunter's bucket list simply because there's nothing quite like these animals anywhere else in the world. They are large, dangerous, challenging, and they live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Pursuing them with bow equipment is an even more dangerous prospect simply for how close the hunter needs to get before letting an arrow loose. Today's video features KUIU co-CEO Brendan Burns on his dream hunt to the Alaskan Peninsula hoping to find a large boar.

KUIU documents the whole trip, from the simple challenges of getting to the remote place where the bears live, to challenges with the weather, and at least one close call with an extremely large bear that just doesn't want to cooperate. Finally, on day three of the hunt, Brendan and his guides glass a monster boar from long distance and put in a long stalk. Eventually, the hunter gets his opportunity with a thrilling 12-yard broadside shot as the monster bear walks a beach. After the shot, the bear nearly runs him over as the injured animal makes a short run before collapsing within sight of the hunters.

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Fortunately, Brendan's broadhead did the trick on a perfectly placed shot and the big boar likely never knew what hit him because of a heart-lung placement. Still, that had to be nerve-racking for the guide to see the bear start moving in the direction of his client! A quick follow-up to ensure the animal was dead helps to end the hunt.

At the end of the day, this was a perfect bear to take out of the herd at 19 years old. Most brown bears only live 20-25 years in the wild. It's safe to say this bruin's prime was behind him. The scars and the missing ear show he was a true scrapper back in the day! Watching this, it's little wonder this is a bucket list trip for so many hunters these days. The whole hunt was the adventure of a lifetime.

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