Alaskan Brown Bear Bowhunt
YouTube: Driven Hunter

Female Bowhunter Perfectly Places Arrow Through the Boiler Room on Massive Alaskan Brown Bear

The shot placement on this brown bear is ideal.

For many hunters, a bucket list hunt is a trip into the Alaskan wilderness in pursuit of brown bears. These animals are big, beautiful, and present an incredible challenge, especially when using archery equipment. For the Driven Hunter's Nicole, it is her dream hunt of a lifetime.

Nicole and her guides spend some time spot and stalking, spotting upwards of 20 bears before they spot a bruin with a gorgeous golden-brown coat. The hunters end up putting a perfect spot and stalk on this massive animal.

Patience pays off and Nicole manages to put an arrow perfectly into the boiler room on this massive animal. Hunts do not get much more exciting than this.

Watching this, it is little wonder so many hunters dream of going to Alaska in pursuit of these animals. Talk about a pulse-pounding hunt! Not many people even want to get within 23 steps of an animal that size. You saw how the guide was backing her up with the rifle. A bruin like that can do some real damage to a hunter if it chooses. Fortunately, Nicole's shot placement is about as perfect as it gets.

While the arrow did not pass completely through, there was some excellent penetration there that helped to make short work of this massive animal. Nicole could barely lift the beast's head after the fact. That had to make for a challenging pack out after the fact, but a very rewarding one!

An Alaskan brown bear hunt is not something you want to jump into lightly. Make sure to do your research, hire a quality guide, and to spend plenty of time training for some strenuous hiking in the backcountry. It's a lot of work to go bear hunting, but the results are memories that last a lifetime. Congrats on your bear Nicole!

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