A90 Toyota Supra Takes On Goodwood Hill Climb

This is the first official showing of the A90 Toyota Supra!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed showcases some of the best cars the automotive industry has to offer, but it's the 1.16-mile hill climb that is the best part of the annual event.

This year's Goodwood Hill Climb was no different with a variety of cars (and a jetpack) taking on the course, but most eyes were waiting for Toyota's run of its fifth-gen Toyota Supra.

Although Toyota has been seen testing the since last year, this is the first official showing of the car in action - albeit a prototype. We probably won't see the production version of this car until later this year at the soonest - hence the interesting camouflage - with sales commencing during the first half of next year.

In the video, commentators speculate that the Supra will have around 340 horsepower and will weigh around 3,300, but that information is far from official. So far, the only thing we really know about the A90 Toyota Supra is that it was co-developed alongside the next-gen BMW Z4.

While it doesn't appear that Toyota pushed the Supra too hard in its public driving debut, we still get to hear the car's throaty exhaust note.