A Woman Just Sued California Over the Existence of Bigfoot

A woman claims to have seen the beast multiple times.

We see a lot of strange Bigfoot stories here at Wide Open Spaces. We even recently put together a list of bizarre claims people have made about the creature. We should've known a weirder story would come along shortly after.

A woman in California is suing the state to try and get the legendary creature recognized as species. Yes, really.

The Press-Enterprise reports in an extensive story that 46-year-old Claudia Ackley filed the lawsuit. She claims the California Fish and Wildlife and State Natural Resources Agency have long known about the existence of Bigfoot, but have refused to acknowledge it. The lawsuit further claims lack of acknowledgement has damaged the "livelihood, public image and credibility" of Ackley and others who hunt for Bigfoot.

Apparently, she also believes it's a safety issue.

"People have to be warned about these things. They are big," she told the Press-Enterprise. "We're totally vulnerable to these things."

Fish and Wildlife and the Natural Resources Agency have been unsurprisingly reluctant to comment on this bizarre lawsuit thus far.

During the interview, Ackley detailed several alleged encounters. She claimed a mysterious encounter on a camping trip 20 years ago is what sparked her interest in the creature.

She has teamed up with documentary filmmaker Todd Standing in the lawsuit. The two claim to have a mountain of evidence including DNA, hair, fingerprint and track evidence to present in court.

"If this goes to court, we will win easily," Standing told the Press-Enterprise.

He also has a similar lawsuit pending in British Columbia, but the case doesn't have a hearing date as of yet.

They're planning to enlist biologists, forensic police officers and well-known Bigfoot researchers like Idaho State University anthropology professor Jeff Meldrum as witnesses.

They've even brought in Bob Gimlin, one of the most famous Bigfoot witnesses of them all. He was present when Roger Patterson shot the most famous piece of alleged Sasquatch footage back in 1967 in California.

And to think, we thought New Mexico's bill to ban taxpayer-funded Bigfoot hunts last year was as weird as it could get!

Meanwhile, Ackley's case is set to be heard March 19 at the San Bernardino Superior Court. Keep it here at Wide Open Spaces, where we'll bring you more information on this strange story as it develops.