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Reddit User Stabilizes Famous Bigfoot Video to Make It Clearer [VIDEO]


The famous Patterson-Gremlin Bigfoot footage has been stabilized to very clearly show the creature as it walks off.

Bigfoot has been the center of myth for decades. Some people have dedicated their entire lives trying to find or capture proof that Bigfoot really exist. New shaky “footage” shows up every year of an ape creature quickly disappearing into the woods.

The most famous and controversial footage ever taken was the Patterson-Gimlin video shot on October 20, 1967. Roger Patterson and Robert “Bob” Gimlin were riding on horseback in Bluff Creek when they spotted and filmed the supposed Bigfoot.

Their film has been looked into more times than any other as people tried to debunk or authenticate it. No one has ever reached a conclusive decision either way.

A Reddit user by the name of ajs_uk may have just lent a big hand to the case as he spent some time stabilizing the shaky footage. Thanks to him, you can now clearly see the Bigfoot creature as he walks and turns towards the camera.

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Now that you can see it a little more clearly, what do you think? Does it still appear to look like a man in a gorilla suit, or could it actually be proof there is Bigfoot out there somewhere?

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Reddit User Stabilizes Famous Bigfoot Video to Make It Clearer [VIDEO]