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9 Turkey Hunts That You Gotta See

Here’s our list of the best turkey hunting stories from 2017.

Remember back in the spring, when we were all turkey hunting as much as we could?

Yeah, it seems like a long time ago to us, too. But that’s all the more reason to wrap up 2017 with a great group of lists focusing on the best of the best from the whole year.

We’re wrapping up 2017 by sharing some of the best and most-viewed posts, videos, and stories from 2017 and sharing them in our Wide Open Spaces 12 Days of Top Stories countdown.

Here are the highlights from the year’s worth of turkeys.

1. 13 Beards!

We had to kick off the list with this incredible turkey story; 13 beards! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

2. Not Sure What That Is…

Ok, so turkey hunting isn’t always a beautiful thing

3. Taking on Sandhill Cranes

If you’re gonna take on sandhills, you better have some guts.

WI sand hill crane vs. the wild turkey

Posted by Chris Nyhus on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4. No Turkeys Needed

This video doesn’t involve a turkey, but the video of the turkey hunter who encountered a bobcat definitely had our attention.

5. Turkey Prank

This was one of our favorites from 2017.

This video is of a young man I took on the youth hunt in Arksnsas a couple years ago. This was his first Turkey so listen to what I convince him he is supposed to do when the bird is flopping. He was a great sport about it and we made some memories (and video) that will last a lifetime!!

Posted by John Brown on Thursday, April 6, 2017

6. Cracking Up

So long as we’re laughing, keep it going by watching this turkey hunting joke video.

7. Turkey Slam

Niki Tilley made turkey hunters across the nation proud with her 2017 slam.

8. Hunters Shot At

This might have been the biggest turkey hunting story of all of 2017, mainly because of the important lesson in it.

9. Turkey Beatboxing

The art of the turkey call takes on a new edge.

That’s it for this recap list of the 10 best turkey hunting stories we gathered all year.

Be sure to keep checking back daily as we continue our countdown of the 12 Top Stories of 2017.


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9 Turkey Hunts That You Gotta See