bobcat attacks turkey hunter

Incredible Video of a Bobcat Attacking a Turkey Hunter

A bobcat puts a full stalk on this turkey hunter.

As hunters, we work hard to be one with nature. We cover ourselves in camouflage clothing, sit still, and maybe even drench ourselves in scent-masking spray. All of this is done in an effort to prevent nature from seeing us as out of place in their world. Well, that camouflage routine may have worked a bit too well for one turkey hunter.

Perched at the base of a tree, this hunter was waiting for a longbeard to come waltzing into view. Instead, he was visited by a hungry bobcat.

Bobcats are used to hunting small prey. Because of that, they develop a sharp eye and a keen sense of movement. And even though they may look friendly, like these little guys, they are not something to be messed with. As the video shows, this hunter also quickly noticed the unassuming predator. Unfortunately for this bobcat, his eyes were a bit bigger than his stomach as he put a full stalk on this hunter. Incredibly, the quick-thinking hunter captured the entire event on camera.

Admittedly, this hunter waited a bit longer than we probably would have.

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