turkey hunting prank

First-Time Turkey Hunter Gets Hilariously Pranked by His Hunting Buddy

This first time turkey hunter is jokingly told he must lay on his flopping bird.

One of the great pastimes of hunting are the memories you make with friends and family. After this young man, a first-time turkey hunter, shoots his turkey, his buddy convinces him to smother the turkey.

Here's the video:

You may view this as a cruel joke, however, the turkey was nearly deceased. However, if you plan on trying this with your first-timer, please make sure it's dead! If not, the new hunter might get spurred in the face.

The most convincing part, in my opinion, is when the older hunter says, "He'll fly away if you don't!"

Most of us know the likelihood of that bird flying away was slim at best. However, it has happened, I'm sure. Better watch out!

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