Ugly Handguns
Wikimedia Commons: W3bj3d1

8 More of the Ugliest Handguns Ever Designed

We found more extremely ugly pistols you've probably never heard of.

A few years ago, we shared a list of eight of the ugliest handguns we had ever seen. We had classics like the FP-45 Liberator, the Chiappa Rhino and the Mateba autorevolver on there. If there's one thing we learned, it's that people have come up with some very strange designs in their quest to build a better handgun. Some of these guns had to be seen to be believed.

Most of these guns aren't produced anymore, and it will become obvious why when you see them.

Here are eight more of the ugliest handguns ever made.

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Claridge Hi-Tech S9

Ugly Handguns

Wikimedia Commons: W3bj3d1

No, it's not a prop from a cheesy science fiction movie, it's a 9mm/.45 ACP semiautomatic handgun designed by High-Tech Long Pistols in the mid-80s through the early 90s. Unsurprisingly, the company went belly-up and no more of these guns were produced. There's not much else to say about this design other than Hi-Techs seem to go for big bucks whenever they go up for sale. I guess if you're a serious collector of novelty firearms, this is the gun for you.

Heckler & Koch P11

What on earth is going on here? This looks like an over-sized squirt gun. Well, this five-barreled handgun that fires a 7.62.36mm steel dart. You might be asking: 'What? Darts?'" That's because the P11 is an electronic ignition system to fire the projectiles. We're guessing this was designed for Navy special operators and other commandos doing dive work. This gun doesn't sound very efficient, the user had to send it back to H&K to be reloaded after using all five rounds. We're not surprised it isn't produced today.


Technically, this Russian design is a machine pistol, but we're including it here because this is a very strange firearm. The look of this design just screams 1970s, but this gun was first patented in 2001. This 9mm features a straight blowback action system and can pop off over 600 rounds a minute through the 20 or 44-round magazines. This gun is popular with Russian police forces. While researching this article I found the hilarious video above, which while meant as an advertisement, feels like a horrible cliché of what Americans would imagine a Russian advertisement of this firearm to be. It looks terribly unwieldly in full auto with that muzzle rise to me.

Altor Corps 9mm

We must hand it to Altor Corp firearms. Not many people would look at guns like the FP-45 Liberator or the "Deer Gun" and try to emulate it as something to sell to the American public. It's a gutsy move, even for a firearm manufacturer. This gun features a bizarre trigger system where the trigger is pulled back and released forward to fire. Why would anyone buy one of these? Well, it's only $100. It could be a bug-out gun, a snake gun or just a general pest gun. Just don't mix it up with your garden sprayer!

Benelli MP 90 & 95E

Ugly Handguns

Wikimedia Commons: Benelli Arms

Precision shooting guns for competition are almost always weird, but this Benelli is in a class all on its own. It's a blowback action, semi-auto chambered in .22 long rifle or .32 S&W. These guns have been used to dominate Italian and European shooting championships in the past. Like most competition guns, they're ridiculously expensive. I did a little looking online and found them going for nearly $1,100. That's an expensive rimfire gun! However, when you're in a competition, you're not getting points for style, you're getting them for accuracy, which is what this pistol delivers.

Calico Light Weapons System Pistol

Another gun that looks like it hopped off the screen of a bad 70's science fiction film, Calico Light Weapons Systems makes several different models of handgun, all of them bizarre-looking. The reason this gun looks so strange is because of the gigantic magazine. This pistol holds 50 rounds of 9mm Luger or 100 rounds of .22 long rifle as a standard capacity! This gun may be ugly as sin, but reviews are highly favorable, saying it offers great reliability. Who would have thought?

Vektor CP1

The South African designed Vektor has some unusual lines and curves to it. Again, if you were thinking "science fiction movie," you weren't alone. The Vektor was designed to be a concealed carry gun and was chambered in 9mm Luger. The gun was sold at a great price point of only $400. However, safety issues led to a recall in 2000 and an eventual discontinuation of the gun a year later. There are still some floating around in the U.S., but you'll be hard pressed to locate one. My own online searches couldn't dig up even one for sale right now.  Even if you do find one for sale, good luck finding a concealed carry holster for it!

Remington XP-100

The Remington Arms Company called this gun an "experimental pistol" and that's an understatement. It looks like a chopped-up version of the classic Remington 700 rifle. This gun was chambered in popular rifle calibers like .308 Winchers, .223 and 7mm! Obviously, this was meant as a long-distance hunting firearm, but it never really caught on the way the company probably hoped. We're guessing the strange appearance had something to do with that. That said, Remington produced the XP for almost 35 years, but discontinued the model in 1998. It seems to have been replaced by the newer and more advanced 700-CP series of handguns.

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