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Russian Survival Rifle Packs a Punch at the Range

This popular Russian survival rifle is sends some pretty sweet firepower downrange. 

One thing is for sure, the Russians had it right when they put together the Baikal IZH 94 survival rifle. It shoots two drastically different rounds and packs a pretty mean punch.

This thing may look like a standard over-and-under Beretta shotgun on a quick glance. But a second look reveals something amiss. This is really one of the most unique survival guns you've ever seen.

Watch the video below to see the ultimate Russian survival rifle send some lead downrange.

Technically, this isn't really a "survival gun" per say, but we can see how this single shot gun would be a great addition to any survival kit. Especially for a "SHTF" scenario. The firearm is capable of shooting a 12 gauge shotgun slug and a 7.62x39 round of rifle ammo. The gun itself is pretty sweet looking and boasts two triggers. One of the triggers is in charge of firing the slug while the other trigger fires the rifle ammo.

You've probably seen some rifle/shotgun combos before in the past. Most of these tend to take .410 shotgun shells and .22 long rifle. That's what makes this rifle so interesting. You've got two larger calibers with more potential for use. We do agree with the guys in the video that 7.62 isn't a great choice for deer or other big game, but the 12-gauge with slugs should fill that role.

The 7.62 in this case might take on more of a self-defense role. It's true that a bolt action rifle or semi-automatic might be better for defense, but we'd take this over no gun. Most survival guns have a much shorter barrel length or are even a "takedown" style of rifle. We appreciate how this is full-size and has a nice buttstock to soak up the recoil.

According to the video, they aren't making or shipping these rifles to the United States anymore. That's a shame as we imagine there may be plenty of gun enthusiasts out there who would like to add this unique firearm to their armory next to the Smith & Wessons, Glocks and Colts.

Overall a very cool looking gun!

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