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Sunday Gunday: 5 Discontinued Handguns That Need to Be Made Again

discontinued handguns

Many classic pistols will never again leave factories new.

These time-proven sidearms are only available at premium prices on the used market.

These five discontinued handguns should still be made for today's shooters.

1. Colt Anaconda Revolver


This tough-as-nails .44 magnum revolver is sought after by collectors willing to pay the big bucks. This firearm was an ordinary, affordable shooter many years ago, but you have to pay a pretty penny for one now.

2. Colt Python Revolver


The Colt Python is another one of Colt's discontinued "snake guns." Chambered in the .357 Magnum cartridge, it's as grand as the Anaconda but smaller in caliber.

3. Stevens Model 35 Pistol

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A long time ago, the Stevens single-shot, tip-up pistols were a favorite among target shooters and outdoorsmen alike. When chambered for .22 LR, it was cheap and highly accurate for precision pistol shooting.

4. Ruger Mark 1 Pistol

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The Ruger Mark 1 .22 LR pistol is an autoloading pistol many people began shooting with. I personally cut my teeth on a Ruger Mark 2 which is the direct descendent of this great firearm. Ruger is up to the fourth incarnation, with many good and bad changes. Oh, how we wish the Ruger Mark 1 was still made.

5. H&R 999 Sportsman .22 Revolver


This 9-shot, double-action revolver is unlike most revolvers on the market today. It loaded and emptied by using a top-break action that was extremely fast. When the H&R 999 Sportsman Revolver was discontinued, prices began to skyrocket. While the triggers are generally a little heavy, these revolvers do shoot well.

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Sunday Gunday: 5 Discontinued Handguns That Need to Be Made Again