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7 Bucks That Broke the Internet in 2017

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Here are seven of the biggest bucks we came across in 2017.

It's safe to say 2017 was the year of the buck.

Like any year since the rise of social media and deer hunting forums, there were a handful of bucks that caught the eye of deer hunters and circulated quickly. This year was especially good to us, so we decided to compile the seven best we've seen.

1. 195-Inch Michigan Buck


Michigan catches a lot of flack for the high hunter density and pressure. However, this buck, tagged by John Hatt, found a way to grow into an incredible typical whitetail. Learn the full story of this Van Buren County buck.

2. Iowa Giant Whitetail

Iowa seems to find themselves on these lists year after year. This season proved no different when a massive non-typical surfaced the internet, generating rumors of where it was tagged. When the truth came out, it was Hawkeye State. The deer had 24 scoreable points and had a green gross score of 254 6/8 inches. Read the full story from earlier this season.

3/4. Higgins Season of a Lifetime

Don Higgins Outdoors
Don Higgins Outdoors

Don Higgins tagged two Illinois whitetails that caught the attention of the internet before November even hit the calendar. The first buck, "Smokey," surpassed 200 inches. The second buck, "Trump," scored 193 inches. Both bucks Higgins tagged weren't strangers. In fact, he had years of trail camera photos and history. Read the full story here.

5. Massive North Dakota Whitetail

Facebook/ Kyle Hass

Kyle Hass harvested this trophy buck Nov. 10. After getting busted by the buck the day before, he was able to locate this monster the first day of rifle season and tag a buck of a lifetime. Read the all the details of the story.

6. Roger Sapper Iowa Buck

Exodus Trail Cameras

Sapper tagged a 201-inch whitetail in Iowa this past season. The sheer size of the buck makes it the trophy of a lifetime. However he and his neighbor, Mark Drury, were able to determine the buck was actually 10 1/2 years old! Learn all the details here.

7. Pennsylvania New Non-Typical State Record

ABC 27

Eric Carns tagged a new state record this past season. The buck had 26 scoreable points and officially scored 228 6/8 inches.

Will next year be the year the Hanson buck record is finally shattered?



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7 Bucks That Broke the Internet in 2017