Don Higgins of Illinois Kills Two Bucks of a Lifetime On Back-to-Back Hunts

After harvesting a 206 6/8" buck he named Smokey, Don Higgins tags out in Illinois with another giant whitetail he knows very well.

100% free range, 100% wild, and 100% DIY, Don Higgins of Illinois has now put one of the best whitetail seasons you can imagine in the history books.

Higgins slapped his tag on a buck he had a ton of history with last week after arrowing it in his Real World Wildlife Products food plot.

It was a mega-giant of a buck who broke the 200-inch mark. He called the deer Smokey.

With one of his target bucks put to rest, Higgins was now turning his focus on his other hit list buck, the one he named Trump. Don has mastered the art of hunting specific deer, and he looked to hopefully fill his final Illinois tag on Trump to put a stamp on one amazing deer season.

And like something out of a whitetail hunter's fairytale dream, the very next hunt after harvesting Smokey, Don was able to set eyes on Trump and put an arrow in him.

In this Facebook video he breaks down how it all unfolded. Get focused, and listen up, because you just might learn a thing or two from the whitetail hunting legend.

Don is very humble and thankful for this season and the opportunities. He seriously couldn't have dreamed of a better hunting season in Illinois. His two deer will combine for a score right around 400 inches. Oh....and it isn't even November yet.

The deer in the photo is Trump, and the rack in one of the photos is Smokey. Check out these toads in all their glory.

But this wasn't just a lucky set of events. Don works hard to grow a strong deer herd, and years on years of experience in the deer woods helps him tag out on two incredible bucks.

Congrats to Don, again, on a dandy of a buck!