68-Year-Old Minnesota Man Attacks Bear with Bare Hands and Saves His Corgi

This is one old man you don't want to mess with. 

A man living deep in the backwoods of Minnesota just did something his best friend, Darla, will never forget. As the story goes, Bill Vagts let his dog out to go to the bathroom and run around for a bit. That's when he saw a black bear jump on top of Darla, pinning it to the ground. Without hesitation, Vagts rushed the bear, pulled it off of his 30-pound Corgi and tried to wrestle it into submission. However, it was Vagts who got the worst of it.

He had a good hold on the bear, but it was able to reach its head around and put a solid bite into the man's stomach. From there, Vagts let go, the bear took off and both the man and his dog ran for safety. As Vagts stated, he almost always has a sidearm, but in this one moment, he wasn't carrying.

"I've never had a fear of black bears," Vagts said in an interview. "They always run away from me."

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Shortly after Vagts left for medical attention, the bear attacked two other men at a nearby construction site. Authorities were again notified of the second bear attack. Conservation officers shot the bear quickly upon arrival to the scene.

All the men are currently receiving rabies treatment, and authorities sent the bear off for research. Investigators are also looking for a reason as to why the bear wasn't hibernating, if it wasn't rabies.

Thankfully, everyone in this story is going to be okay.