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Video: Hunter Pulls His Gun on Charging Grizzly Bear

Pulling up on a charging grizzly is a split-second decision. 

Unfortunately, Justin Souza, was thrust into that situation while elk hunting in Montana. In a remarkable video, you can see the charging grizzly for just a second before the phone is dropped. As the video records the ground, you can hear the powerfully dramatic shots of a .300 Winchester ring out again, and again, and again. 

A lot of backlash has swung Souza’s way since this video was released. One reason might be that the grizzly bear is protected in Montana. Another reason might be that many Internet keyboard warriors don’t realize how fast and deadly a charging grizzly is.

According to reports, Souza walked up on the grizzly while elk hunting and didn’t realize it. As quickly as he could, he tried to back away from the bear but it was already too late. Thinking he was far enough away from danger, Souza then grabbed his cell phone and started recording the bear, but before he could even get a few seconds of video, the bear charged.

Here, Souza is explaining exactly what happened:

After this video was recorded, Souza did in fact notify the authorities, and an investigation into the matter is currently underway. The bear in the video was a male. However, few details are available due to the active investigation.

So what do you think? Was this act justified? It looks like pretty cut-and-dried self-defense to me.


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Video: Hunter Pulls His Gun on Charging Grizzly Bear