60-Year-Old Lost Hiker Rescued After Surviving in Frozen Wilderness

If this lost hiker hadn't been prepared for the worst, things could have ended a whole lot differently.

ABC News recently reported that a lost hiker had been found after surviving 30 hours in the frozen wilderness.

Wally Fosmore, 60, was hiking in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington state when he reached the area known as McCue Ridge. Rich Magnusson, the public information officer for the Chelan Country Department of Emergency Management, says that this is where Fosmore made the mistake of going down the wrong side of the ridge. That mistake could have cost him everything.

According to Fosmore's account he departed on a hike from the Scottish Lakes High Camp in Leavenworth, Washington where he and his family had been staying. Once he failed to return, his family reported him missing.

Believe it or not, Magnusson stated that the area Fosmore had wondered off in was "actually known as avalanche chute." Unfortunately, the conditions were too bad for local law enforcement or search and rescue teams to take action until the next morning.

Thankfully, the team was able to contact Fosmore first thing Wednesday morning and got word that he was ok and in good condition. He had weathered the night by making a temporary shelter in a snow bank.

After discovering his location, the local sheriff department air dropped him food, water, and directions to a trail where they could meet.

Authorities credited Fosmore for being prepared for the worst-case scenario. Even though he only planned to hike for a few hours he was geared up with all the items you would need in case of an emergency.

Fosmore says he hopes his story encourages "everyone who goes into backcountry to take their 10 essentials with them. Extra clothes, extra food, a plastic shelter, map, compass, matches, candle, knife, first aid kit and flashlight."

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