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Stuck Overnight in the Winter? Learn These Survival Skills Before it Happens

This experienced woodsman demonstrates winter mountain survival if you have to spend a night out in winter conditions.

When it comes to winter wilderness trekking, you are going to want some very basic gear to survive if you get stuck out in a winter survival situation.

The most important survival technique demonstrated here is when the decision is made to stop and make a survival shelter, as a storm was rolling in and there was little daylight left to get out of the mountains. While this was a demonstration and not a true survival situation, it illustrated an important point.

People can get into trouble very fast, and it happens in the north all the time. For example, a snowmobile breaks down out in the hinterland with little daylight left and the driver tries to walk out at night. This ends up putting him or her at more risk of injury, getting lost, or getting caught in a sub-freezing storm. Sometimes the best decision is to stay put, build a shelter and wait for daylight and conditions to improve. But to ensure you can do this you need some basic gear, and this woodsman clearly demos that.

Having a way to start a fire, a good knife, simple bush saw, small pot, lightweight sleeping bag, First Aid kit and small tarp can be the difference between life and death. Always carry some essentials, invest in quality layered clothing, and never venture into the wilderness without a GPS and manual compass as a backup for navigation. You don’t want your next adventure to be your last.

Enjoy the winter wilderness, it can be some of the best times to experience the outdoors, just go in with the knowledge and basic gear to get out again if your day trip turns into an overnighter.


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Stuck Overnight in the Winter? Learn These Survival Skills Before it Happens