50 Pound Coyote
YouTube: Appalachian Predator Control

Hunter Drops Chunky 50-Pound Coyote In Its Tracks in Tennesee

That is one big coyote!

Predator hunting continues to become more popular across the United States as more hunters go afield to help control the highly successful predators. Coyote numbers have exploded across much of the country due to how hardy these animals are and how they can adapt to practically any habitat and terrain.

Do not take our word on it though. If you need more proof that coyotes are doing well right now, you need only watch this video out of East Tennessee from the YouTube channel Appalachian Predator Control.

The hunters in this video setup on a farm not far from a cow carcass. One that the coyotes have apparently taken advantage of, because one of the first animals to show up is a true monster as far as a coyote is concerned. With one well-placed shot, the hunter drops this 50.5-pound animal in its tracks.

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That is one of the biggest coyotes we have ever seen harvested on video. He was just a total chunk. It sounds like he has been enjoying some beef recently too from the hunters' descriptions of the scene. A coyote this large is a little bit intimidating. Especially since most hunters will probably never see one over the 30-40-pound mark. There is no doubt this animal could probably take down fawns and small deer if it wanted.

Seeing something like this makes me wonder how big the coyotes were that ate the leg off my buck from 2020 down to the bone before I could recover it. As you saw here, they are such opportunistic predators, always looking for their next meal.

These guys can probably do a few more runs to that area considering all the other coyotes they saw and that got away. Where there is one, there is almost surely others to hunt!

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