Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunters Pile Up 4 Predators in One Spot, Including Two Simultaneously With Well-Placed Shots

These coyotes never stood a chance.

When it comes to coyote hunting, some people take it more seriously than others. Many hunters shoot them simply out of opportunity while they're deer hunting, and one happens to wander past. Others take coyote shooting much more seriously, and the hunters in today's video fall into that latter group.

In some of the fastest coyote hunting action we've ever seen, these guys drop two coyotes simultaneously. Unbelievably, two more coyotes come in a few minutes later and they drop those two all in the same general area.

Coyote hunting does not get much more exciting than this. This is the type of evening that predator hunting dreams are made of. It will make you want to head afield with your rifle and calls to try your luck.

Predator hunting is often a challenge and it's rare for everything to work to perfection like this on multiple animals. The wind was good, the fading light was perfect to hide the hunters in the shadows and the coyotes were hungry. They simply could not resist that calling and came in like they were pulled on a string.

More impressive than the setup and the way those coyotes came in, was the excellent shooting to bring those predators down. That's some excellent timing between the two hunters to time the double shot. The fact that both coyotes fell backwards in their tracks simultaneously just adds to the experience.

The last two coyotes did not even seem to notice the bodies of their fallen brethren as they ran in to the same general area. No doubt the suppressed rifles helped in that regard. With coyote numbers exploding over much of North America, hunts like this help to keep their numbers in check. Excellent shooting gentlemen. You probably helped protect a few fawns from predation this spring!

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