Coyote Hunting
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Coyote Hunters Down 13 Predators in Less Than a Day

These coyote hunters brought in a ton of pelts in one day.

In many parts of North America, coyote populations are exploding. For small game and deer hunting enthusiasts, that's bad news. They worry if unchecked, these animals could make a sizeable dent in desired big game animal populations.

It's little wonder that predator hunting is so popular. In many parts of the United States, it's a year-round activity to set up in the open areas with a distress call and decoys to lure the hungry predators in.

Some areas are more overrun than others. As you'll see in this quick coyote hunting video, this area has a serious Canis latrans population. They manage to take out 13 of them in an 18-hour span of time. Watch every shot via scope cam in the video below.

I have a ton of coyotes on my trail cameras every year. Maybe I need to call these hunters in to help me out with thinning the herd because I rarely see them myself.

These hunters used camo, a downwind position, and electronic calls to perfection here to lure these predators into position for a shot. That's a few more whitetail and mule deer that are safe for another day. One of the cool things about this style of hunting is that in many western and Midwest states, there is no set hunting season. You can hunt coyotes any time and place. Predator hunters can also often take advantage of night hunting as you saw here to help nab the nocturnal animals that won't respond to your cottontail distress sound vocalizations at any other time. It's a great way to get your hunting fix in during the off-season while also doing a little population control at the same time.

We appreciate the rangefinder for the day shots too. Over 200 yards is a decent long range shot for animals as small as coyotes. It takes some skill to make shots like that. Solid shooting guys, keep up the good work!

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