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This Video is Exactly Why I Predator Hunt

Sometimes, it gets personal.

So, I’ll set the scene for this short video. I have started working on a food plot and cleared out most of the tree and ground growth in this area. Obviously, I still need to do some work to clear out the area, but I placed a trail camera over looking the opening to see what actions I get.

Imagine my surprise when I pull the card and watch this:

That asshole dropped anchor in my food plot…

That makes it personal right? I get the feeling that coyote knew the trail camera was there! Honestly, I can’t wait to shoot that thing.

The good news is that this is the first and only coyote I have caught on my property. I was also able to get photos of deer later that night. If you hadn’t noticed the date on the camera is wrong and this video was taken early in April of this year.


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This Video is Exactly Why I Predator Hunt