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Trail Camera Captures Coyote Pooping in Middle of Food Plot, Making Things Personal

Sometimes, it gets personal in predator hunting.

We love to set out trail cameras while scouting for our big game hunting adventures. But sometimes they capture some unwanted surprises. No, we're not talking those annoying raccoons or squirrels.

So, I'll set the scene for this short video. I have started working on a food plot and cleared out most of the tree and ground growth in this area. Obviously, I still need to do some work to clear out the area, but I placed a trail camera over looking the opening to see what kind of whitetail action I get.

Imagine my surprise when I pull the card and watch this:

That asshole dropped anchor in my food plot... Guess it is time for a little predator control!

That makes it personal right? I get the feeling that coyote knew the trail camera was there! Honestly, I can't wait to shoot that thing.  It might be time to break out the electronic call and do some serious coyote hunting this year. Fortunately, calling coyotes is fairly easy with the right equipment and calling sequences. A good distress call will often bring them in on a string. 

The good news is that this is the first and only coyote I have caught on my property. I was also able to get photos of deer later that night. If you hadn't noticed the date on the camera is wrong and this video was taken early in April of this year. At least it was in the off-season and not during the prime of the rut or archery hunting season.

Young fawns have plenty of natural predators they need to worry about every spring. From bobcats to mountain lions and even feral swine. But it seems like coyotes are one of the biggest problem animals out there. Fortunately, coyote season is usually year-round, bag limits are usually generous and for some states, you don't even need a hunting license to cull coyotes in some areas. (Check your local regulations first.) So, grab your shooting sticks, camo and predator call and hit the woods. It's time to keep the population in check!