8 of the Most Exciting Predator Calling Videos to Ever Hit the Web

Predator calling videos are some of the most exciting hunting videos there are and these are eight that you've just got to see.

Predator calling adds a new dynamic to hunting. Predator hunters are essentially getting their intended targets to stalk them within shooting range. Sometimes that can lead to some hair-raising close encounters while in the field.

When those encounters are captured on video, we can all enjoy them. Luckily for you, we have collected eight crazy predator calling videos together for your viewing pleasure.

CAUTION: Turn your volume down before playing these videos. Some of the calls are LOUD!

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1. Turkey Hunter Charged by Bobcat

Sometimes a predator responds to a call never meant for them. That is what happened in this video. The turkey hunter was trying to call in a gobbler, but got an unexpected visitor instead. A bobcat creeps to within feet before the hunter finally scares it off during a charge.

2. Coyotes Responding to Howls

No predator calling videos list is complete without this video, even if you've seen it before. The hunter begins to howl to coyotes in the woods only to receive a hair-raising response.

3. Black Bear Comes in from 900 Yards

In what is a very impressive display of bear hunting, the hunter in this video calls in a black bear to within archery range from 900 yards out. The bear is feeding high up in a clear-cut, but commits to the hunter's call before being shot at 18 yards. You definitely need to have nerves of steel for calling in such a large predator!

4. Cougar Falls for Decoy

Mountain lions are another nerve-wracking predator to call in. Being mauled by a big cat is something no one wants to experience. The hunters in this video are using a decoy and call combination when a cougar approaches. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case the hunters let it go without firing a shot.

5. Double Archery Coyote Kill

Taking down one coyote with a bow is impressive in and of itself. However, taking two down within seconds of each other is even more impressive. This hunter manged to do just that using a decoy and call combination.

6. Daytime Calling— Raccoon Style

While coyotes and bobcats get the majority of the attention in predator hunting videos, raccoons can be called in as well. Calling raccoons even works in the middle of the day as you will see in this heart-pumping video.

7. Bobcat at 10 Feet

Close encounters while predator hunting aren't uncommon. The hunter in this video manages to call a skittish bobcat within 10 feet of his stand location. Even though this hunter doesn't take a shot, it still had to be a real challenge to stay calm during that situation!

8. Saved the Best for Last!

You will not believe just how close the bobcat in the following video got to these hunters. The hunters did not have a tag for bobcat, so they let it live to see another day. However, they are sure to remember such a close and incredible encounter for the rest of their lives.

If these predator calling videos didn't get your blood pumping, then I don't know what will. If you have never gone predator hunting before, you should give it a try. It is another extremely exciting way to spend time outdoors. Just be sure to check your local regulations to be sure you hunt legally.