Coyote Cell Phone
Facebook Screenshot: Whiskey Riff

Coyote Runs Away With Golfer's Cell Phone on Massachusetts Course

Coyotes like cell phones apparently...

Across North America, the problem of urban coyotes is continuing to escalate. As humans encroach on the wild spaces the coyotes call home, they find themselves losing habitat. With no where left to go, many have simply adapted to living with humans. From coast to coast, security camera and cell phones cameras have caught unwanted human-coyote interactions.

Some of these interactions are scary while others are downright humorous. Today's video falls into the latter category.

A group of golfers were just trying hit the links and enjoy a beautiful day when they happen to notice a coyote was nosing around in their golf cart. One of them starts filming as the coyote hops down out of the cart with something in its mouth. It turns out it is one of the golfer's cell phones!

While we have seen plenty of interesting urban coyote videos here at Wide Open Spaces, this one has us scratching our heads a bit. Coyotes are normally only interested in where their next meal is coming from and a cell phone certainly is not edible. We are not quite sure what possessed this animal to make it want to swipe an expensive piece of electronics. Unless it was just looking for something to gnaw on.

In any case, we are not sure if the guy got his phone back or not since the video cuts off there. It does not appear there is any other information on this video online either. We would count this as one of the more fortunate coyote encounters since it does not involve a human or pet getting injured by one.

However, it does demonstrate how these animals are starting to lose their fear of humans a bit when they live in urban areas. The coyote was backing away, but it was not doing as quickly as we might expect from one of these wild animals. It seems that coyotes are adapting to the city life a little too well if you ask us.

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