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How to Get Started Hunting Crows: 5 Useful Tips

Get started hunting one of the most intelligent animals.

There's a good possibility you're reading this for one of two reasons. The first, you have a genuine interest in learning to hunt what is arguably one of the smartest birds. The second, well the second is you have hit a slump in between seasons and the fish aren't biting. Either way crow hunting is worth the effort.

The great thing about the American crow is that bag limits are usually generous and crow season is often extremely long, if not open year-round. Which means you can keep your shooting skills sharp on these black birds all year before pursuing upland birds like pheasants or quail, or migratory birds like waterfowl later in the year.


1. Tactics

There are two common ways to hunt crows. Still hunting or holding up in a blind. Both can prove effective when you are properly covered up. Wear your camouflage and face mask when hunting. If you are using a blind put as much cover around it as you can while overlooking a somewhat open area.

2. Calling

Buy several crow calls. You wouldn't hit the turkey woods with one call would you? If you can, spend the money on an electronic call. If you can't hand over the money on an electronic call if it's legal use an app on your phone. I know it's obvious but don't beat one call sound to death try several.

3. Shooting

The fun part! Eight shots and six shots are your best bets. Close shots are the way to go as well, preferably when the birds are not facing you. I know that last part is easier said then done, but the birds will circle the area, so you have time. Just be patient.

4. Decoys

While not completely necessary, decoys will help. If you have a decoy for your predator hunting you're in luck just use that when you're done taking out coyotes. Other wise crow, hawks, and owl decoys are also effective.

5. Butchering/Processing

So, you shot one. Now what? Showing works better than telling you, just have the grease ready the only way to eat crow (at least not metaphorically) is fried. You don't have to use a razor blade either.

If you're feeling the blues about deer hunting season coming to an end, it may be time to give crow hunting a try this year.

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