How to Bass Fish the Eclipse on August 21

What you really want to know about the Great American Eclipse.

On August 21st, the North American continent will be treated to a total eclipse. The Great American Eclipse is a total eclipse that sweeps through the United States with viewing angles into Canada. While an eclipse is truly a marvel to see, the more important question remains unanswered: how will this affect my bass fishing?

There have been few studies on fish reaction and behavior during an eclipse. Mostly because they don't happen all that often. However, there are enough to assume that the change of light will affect fish species as night would. In all of the studies I read on this some or all of the fish being monitored exhibit night time behavior.

Let's connect the dots. So, in the eclipse path, we can assume that fish will start behaving like they would during dusk. The shad will start moving into the shallows and towards the surface. As bass are predators, they will follow the shad to the shallows and surface. So tie on your topwater baits and get ready for some action.

So, if you can get some time off between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m., hit the lake. Some tips that I would be trying is tying on a popper, buzzbait, or swim a heavy swim bait right under the surface as the eclipse starts. Focus on the edges of breaks and drop-offs as the bass move in and the bait fish also transition.

As the eclipse progresses and it gets darker, start moving shallow and use your jitterbugs and buzzbaits to cover water. As a personal preference use a popper when you locate a school as no aggressive bass can resist an easy meal.