5 Bass Fishing Tips for the Dog Days of Summer


Catch fish during the hardest time of the year.

It's hot. Everything is hot, the lakes feel like hot tubs, the breeze feels like a hair drier, and so is the bass bite. It's true this can be the hardest time of the boat fish. Use the ideas below to get you on some bucket mouths.

1. Fish deep

Once the surface temperature of my bass lakes hits over 75, I start moving deep. Now that it is in August and the lake temperatures are around 80, I hammer the water that is 18 foot and deeper. Senkos that are Texas rigged are my go to once I locate a school or a lip-less crankbait. To locate that school a jigging spoon, lip-less cranks, or deep diving crank baits will entice a bite.

2. Lose some sleep

Whittle Dene Reservoir at Night

There is nothing more fun than a bass hitting top water. To get this bite during the late summer try some night fishing. Or really early in the morning, whatever works for your schedule. Hit the break lines with a rebel pop-r or a jitterbug and wait for a splash. Just don't set the hook right away unless you want a new piercing.

3. Fish Slow

Image via Pintrest

If you are unable to fish the deep waters or can't locate fish, slow down and fish a finesse bait. I still like a Texas rig around heavy cover to provoke a bite. A wacky rig or neko rig are a close second if you don't mind getting hung up.


4. Grass

Image via Pinterest

Speaking of fishing slow and using finesse rigs. They don't work if you aren't in the right cover. The higher oxygen levels draw in fish. Fish slow and expect to get hung up.

5. Use Live Bait

Sometimes you just can't beat live bait. When nothing seems to work, drift a live shiner or green night crawler. You're going to want to fish this deep so use a split shot and suspend the bait a few feet off the bottom. It might be cheating but it works.