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7 Fly Fishing Clinics for Women Who Want to Learn to Cast

These affordable clinics are a great way to get your feet wet.

Fly fishing, long a male-dominated sport, is seeing a shift as more women are becoming interested in getting out on the water. Alongside that shift is a rise in women-only clinics being offered around the country.

If you're looking to learn more about fly fishing as a beginner, taking a clinic can help you hone all the basic skills, like how to rig your rod, select the correct fly, and nail down the basics of casting. Attending a women-only clinic, in particular, can take the intimidation out of the sport and create a safe and welcoming learning environment.

With your new-found skills, you'll be able to get on the water with confidence and ease and dig in deep to what makes fly fishing so addicting.

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We've compiled a list of some of the best women-only fly fishing camps in the USA. Whether you are an eager newbie or you've landed your share of fish already, we've got a clinic for you. Not only will you build your skillset on the water, but you will also form lasting friendships with women in the community.

1. Montana Women's Fly Fishing School

Where: Big Sky, Montana
Cost: $1,290 for 3 days

For three days, you will eat, sleep, and breathe fly fishing at Montana Women's Fly Fishing School in Big Sky.

This school is for intermediate/experienced anglers or ambitious beginners looking to learn quickly. With both classroom and on-water learning, the women instructors will walk you through everything you need to know. A 2:1 ratio allows the instructors to make the experience personal for each student. With days spent on the iconic Gallatin and Madison rivers, this setting will take your breath away.

While it runs close to $1,300 for the three-day clinic, this school is still a steal given the advanced skills you'll learn and the incredible rivers you'll be fishing.

2. Western Rivers Flyfisher Women

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
Cost: $200 per day

Western Rivers Flyfisher Women in Utah offers a fantastic fly fishing clinic once a month, April through September. Geared toward beginner/intermediate anglers, these fly fishing 101 clinics are perfect for learning the basics.

Class sizes are limited to six people so this semi-private course gives you ample 1:1 with one of the two instructors. This single-day, six-hour class covers everything from selecting flies, tying knots, and learning to cast.

3. Women's Flyfishing

Where: Anchorage, Alaska
Cost: $150 per day

The ladies of Women's Flyfishing in Alaska are dedicated to "fishin' with a mission!" They are determined to create a welcoming environment for women to learn and love fly fishing.

With various offerings, beginners can find themselves in a two-day introductory course for $150 in Alaska. But the group also hosts ladies-only trips in epic locations around the country.

These women specialize in keeping things simple and fun so you learn while having fun with your new friends.

4. The Fly Shop: Women's 3-Day School

The Fly Shop women's school, located at the beautiful Antelope Creek Ranch in northern California, is a three-day program that's fun but intensive.

You can go into this school with little knowledge of fly fishing and leave with the experience to take on a variety of situations. The 3-day Women's Only School is $1,595-$2,095 depending on whether you have single or double room occupancy. The price includes all meals, equipment, and a detailed notebook covering everything you learned.

With its stunning remote location, world-class instructors, and amazing accommodations, this clinic school will knock your socks off.

5. Sun Valley Outfitters: Women's Fly Fishing Clinics

Where: Ketchum, Idaho
Cost: $175 per day

The folks at Sun Valley Outfitters put on the ultimate intro to fly fishing class for any woman who has considered fly fishing but hasn't gotten their feet wet. In a welcoming environment, you can get the gist of fly fishing, learn some new skills, have fun, and decide if this is your sport. Friendly guides help you with the basics, making for an approachable and fun setting.

Held over back-to-back evenings, you make the most of the best time of day. The first night is off the water, learning some basic skills, and night two, you get your feet wet, learning how to read water and an intro to wading.

For only $175, this is a great chance to grab a girlfriend and give the sport a shot!

6. Lady Guide Fly Fishing: Capt. Danielle Davidson

Where: Florida panhandle
Cost: $250 for two hoursIf you are located on the East Coast, check out what Capt. Danielle Davidson has to offer: Whether you want to learn the basics or are a more experienced angler looking to get on some beautiful fish, Danielle is your girl.

Based in Apalachicola, Florida, Capt. Danielle knows the Florida coast well and can take you to the best spots to land beautiful fish and enjoy the sites. She is a long-time member of the fly fishing community and a real master of her craft.

She keeps her guiding and class sizes to a maximum of four anglers to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Her two-hour learn-to-fly fish service is $250 for one to two women and $100 for each additional up to her cap size of four. She will cover the basics with you, so if you do decide to head out on a guided trip, you will feel at ease on the water.

7. Wilderness Voyageurs: Women's Fly Fishing Weekend

Where: Pennsylvania
Cost: $235 for two days

No need for prior experience here; come as you are to this two-day event hosted just for women by Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. This is a great beginner/intermediate weekend for women looking to learn the basics or really nail their technique.

For just $235 this weekend campout is an excellent opportunity to be surrounded by amazing women on the banks of the best fishing on the East Coast.

They currently host two weekends a summer and sell out quickly, so if you are located in the East and itching to learn to fish, book your spot now!

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