5 Times Snakes Creeped Us Out in 2017

These are the five snake stories that got the best of us this past year.

2017, like most other years, was one filled with crazy snake stories.

We try to only write about and share things that are closely-enough related to our lives as American sportsmen and women, but there are times when a good snake story is just too good to pass up.

Then there are times that we see how well received snake stories can be, and we consider renaming our site "Wide Open Snakes."

Until that decision's made, here's the five best of the 2017 calendar year in snake stories.

1. Owl and Snake Cause Fire

Truth is better than fiction. This story proves it.


Facebook/Kyra Vanisko

2. One-in-a-Million Shot

Could this really have been any better? Two rattlers in one!

3. Don't Step There!

This gigantic thing was caught while some predator hunters were walking through the brush. Excuse the strong language!

5. Snake Swallows Deer, or Does It?

This might be the winner for wildest snake video of 2017. Is it legit, or ran in reverse? We don't know but we'll watch anyway.

6. Not a Smart Move, Buddy

If we're talking craziest snake story, then this guy who was bitten by the snake he was planning to barbecue has got to be the pace-setter.

We hope you enjoyed these 12 Top Stories from 2017, and we're excited to see what 2018 has in store in the world of serpents.

Until then, keep checking back on the countdown in the 12 Top Stories of 2017.