5 Reasons to Wear Fishing Shirts When You're Not Fishing

We all have a lucky fishing shirt that's worn thin from repeated use.

Not all of that wear and tear has come from days on the water, either. As fishermen and women we proudly sport our angling apparel as often as we can.

In defense of wearing these shirts, here are five reasons for throwing on that old Shimano shirt even when you're not at the lake.

1. They're Stylish

Some of us might feel uncomfortable wearing a camouflage hunting shirt in public. Fishing shirts on the other hand, are fair game. Many of them are collared, and button down. That's practically business casual if you ask me. Wearing this type of fishing shirt out to dinner is perfectly fine.

2. Sun Protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is important whether or not you are fishing. Many modern shirts come with built in SPF, and most brands offer a breathable long sleeve. If you're having a family day at the beach, or attending an outdoor event, these specialized shirts will keep your skin healthy.

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3. Advertising Your Obsession

Wearing a fishing shirt in public alerts other anglers that, you too, are indeed a fishing fanatic. There may not be any words spoken between the two of you, but silently a mutual respect will be created.

If your fishing shirts do spark a conversation, you might just learn something from the other. As anglers we are always open to new knowledge, and this opportunity may have passed you by had you not been wearing that shirt.

4. Odor Resistant

Numerous shirts on the market today are odor resistant. After all, fishing can be a smelly sport. You never want to stink though, and adding a fishing shirt with your deodorant will help that much more.

You could even workout in one and add an extra defense against body odor. Most dry fit shirts are moisture wicking too, keeping the sweat off of you.

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5. Comfortable

In my opinion, a long sleeve fishing shirt is as comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt. Utilize them as lounge wear around the house, you won't regret it. Plus, they'll help you dream about your next fishing adventure!

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