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Best Sun-Protection Fishing Apparel to Save on Sunscreen

Brad Smith wearing a new HUK Icon Zip

These days, sun-stopping fishing apparel is a must. 

Every year I have to go in a for skin cancer screen. At 33 years old, I feel I’m awfully young to have to be concerned with skin cancer on a regular basis, but to me, it’s a constant threat. Years of fishing without any kind of sun protection has finally caught up to me to the point the doc says I should never be shirtless in the sun again. Luckily there are a lot of fishing apparel companies that are out there helping people like me out.

Lately, new sun blocking featured clothing lines have been popping up everywhere and they all have their place, but for the point of this article the goal was to the find the best. There’s a long list to choose from but again and again, these fishing apparel lines stayed at the top of pretty much all lists.

1. HUK

Huk Performance Fishing has taken over the world of fishing. From BASS, fishing the salt, to fly fishing, HUK gear can be found everywhere, and for good reason. Their ultra light sun blocking shirts and pants are the top of the line for anyone looking for style and comfort that not only gets the job done, but keeps you cool in the process.

For these reasons, HUK is the only sun protection fishing apparel that I wear.

2. Simms


Simms has been around in the fly fishing industry for a long time. A huge part of their customer base are fishermen that fish saltwater flats. If you have been out there yourself, you find out right away there is no protection from the sun. From button down shirts, crew necks, sleeves, gloves, and face masks, Simms has you covered.

Style is also a main emphasis too, but when the sun is beating down on your neck, knowing Simms has your back is a good thing.

3. Columbia

If you do anything outdoors, you know the Columbia line of products. Their fishing apparel line is no different from all the outdoors products that their reputation enjoys. You can expect top of the line clothing that fits well and looks good in the process.

Columbia also offers many more color combinations of their shirts and pants that you just don’t see from other clothing lines.

4. Gillz

Gillz is a little more unknown than the big three above, but they are still a major player in the fishing apparel game. If you are looking for something a little less performance oriented and more for the casual angler, you found the right shirt for the job. However, they have a very good performance line as well.

Either option you choose, you will be in good hands.

5. True Flies


If you have any association with the fly fishing game, you know True Flies. Their sun protection clothing is pretty famous out in the salt and also universally respected on cold water streams and rivers from the across the US. With original designs and fish artwork on most of their shirts, you not only stay comfortable out on the water, but have a shirt that tells everyone that see you that you know what’s going on while out on the water as well.

Regardless of the sun protection clothing that you choose, what is important is that you choose something. If you don’t wear anything from one of the above shops that sell great SPF clothing, just wear a ton of sunscreen. You don’t want to have yearly skin cancer screens. Trust me.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and these companies offer a ton.



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Best Sun-Protection Fishing Apparel to Save on Sunscreen