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100 Reasons for Our Fishing Obsession

100 reasons we love fishing
Flickr / Klearchos Kapoutsis

Just like any other hobby, fishing is a love/hate relationship. We continue to do it anyway. Here are some reasons why.

Just about everyone has been fishing at some point. Some never pick up a pole again, while for others, it becomes an insatiable addiction.

For those who don't get it (or maybe, more importantly, for those who do), here are 100 reasons anglers love fishing as much as we do!

1. Sitting in sunshine.

2. Relaxing.

3. Beautiful sunrises.

4. Colorful sunsets.

5. Fishing buddies.

6. Panfish snapping bugs on water.

7. Honey holes.

8. Coolers full of beer.

9. The challenge.

10. Big bass fighting.

11. Pulling in catfish on a trotline.

12. That first cast of a long weekend.

13. Schools of baitfish running.

14. Bass thumb.

15. Bluegill fillets.

16. The slow rock of the water.

17. Wind-blown banks.

18. Solitude.

19. The soft lullaby of a stream as you fish through. 

20. Bullfrogs croaking all around.

Flickr / Steve Shupe
Flickr / Steve Shupe

21. Saying "last cast" 20 times before actually stopping.

22. Trips to the bait shop.

23. Finding that perfect lure.

24. Organizing tackle boxes.

25. Respooling lines.

26. Learning new techniques.

27. Full livewells.

28. Competing in tournaments.

29. Fibbing about how big the fish really was.

30. Thinking you hooked into a big one, only to find it was a log.

31. Retrieving lost lures.

32. Landing that once-in-a-lifetime fish.

33. Big trout.

34. That smile when someone gets that first fish.

35. Re-baiting your hook for the millionth time a bluegill cleaned your hook.

36. Calling in sick to head to the lake.

37. Wind in your face as you blast across the lake.

38. Gaining a new personal best.

39. Catching more fish than everyone else that day.

40. Catching no fish for the day.

Flickr / Anthony Nelson
Flickr / Anthony Nelson

41. Wading through the water on a hot day.

42. The perfect cast.

43. Buying a new rod.

44. Buying a new reel.

45. Cooking fresh fish over a campfire.

46. Explosive topwater fishing.

47. That big tug back.

48. Lying about how much tackle actually cost.

49. Wet lines.

50. Bobbers slowly dipping in the water.

51. Quickly turning around every two seconds while setting up another rod because you know that bobber on the first is gonna be gone the second you turn your back.

52. Drilling that first hole into the ice.

53. Humongous muskie.

54. Ripping lips.

55. Your lucky hat.

56. The glare off the water.

57. Trying to find that perfect retrieve.

58. Throwing your 10,000th cast for the day.

59. The first time fishing new waters.

60. Pulling in fish bigger than you are.

Flickr / Pia Waugh
Flickr / Pia Waugh

61. Fishing challenges between friends.

62. The knowledge of an old-timer.

63. The smell of bug spray in the morning.

64. Junk food.

65. Fish selfies.

66. Bragging rights.

67. Yelling, "FISH ON!"

68. The perfect pitch.

69. Flipping under docks.

70. Going old-school with a cane pole.

71. Wearing out your kids with an all-day fishing trip.

72. Hearing your alarm go off in the morning and knowing it's for fishing.

73. The sound of fish slapping the top of the water while you're preparing your boat.

74. Seeing the world wake up.

75. Sitting on the bank without a care in the world.

76. Listening to your little ones talk about a fish they reeled in like it was the biggest fish in the world.

77. Trying to decide on the right lure color.

78. That feeling when you accidentally cast into a tree.

79. When you are about to pull your hair out because the fish don't want any lure you throw.

80. Waiting in line at the boat ramp.

Alex Burton

81. Looking back on past fishing trips.

82. Planning your next fishing trip.

83. Finding the perfect piece of cover to fish.

84. Watching your buddy birdnest your casting reel after swearing he knew how to use one.

85. Trying to decide which rods/reels to take with you.

86. The sting of sweat in your eyes.

87. Forgetting the sunblock.

88. Getting a fisherman's tan.

89. Getting soaking wet in the pouring rain, but continuing to fish anyway.

90. Trolling.

91. Fish frys with family and friends.

92. Trying to outrun a sudden storm.

93. Line peeling off your reel after hooking into a big one.

94. The release.

95. Establishing the casting order.

96. Going home smelling like fish.

97. Buying a new fishing license.

98. Spawn.

99. Stumbling around in the dark while night fishing.

100. Going out again and again, no matter the outcome.

I think these are some pretty good reasons why we all love fishing so much. I am sure there are more. What is your favorite thing about being an angler?

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100 Reasons for Our Fishing Obsession