5 Reasons 2016 was a Downright Bizarre Year in Hunting


Saying goodbye to another year past means remembering the good along with the bad--and the bizarre. Happy 2017!

Did you miss one of these bizarre stories when they happened? Here they are again:

1. Brady Hempen of Tennessee harvested this buck with a parachute and a flare tangled up in its rack.

2. This man got into a boxing match with a kangaroo to rescue his dog.

3. The backyard deer hunter wreaked havoc in the Detroit area.

4. We were surprised to see not just one, but two trophy-sized antlered does this season, taken in Wisconsin and Mississippi.

5. Finally, if you missed this one, you may have missed the strangest hunting story of the decade: a killer clown menacingly harassed this hunter, all on video!

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