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How Did This Buck Get a Flare and Parachute Tangled in its Antlers?

The Tennessean

How did this buck end up with a flare and parachute in its antlers?

Every year, stories turn up about deer and elk that get odd things caught in their antlers: everything from volleyball nets to an elk caught in a tire swing.

But 15-year-old Brady Hempen’s Tennessee buck was tangled up in something that may top them all: a parachute attached to a military flare.

“At first I thought he had a dead deer in his antlers when I saw all that stuff in his rack,” Hempen told The Tennessean. “It was pretty neat. I finally realized there was a shiny canister in there too.”

The Tennesseean

Hempen took the buck with his muzzleloader when it presented a 25-yard shot. The lucky hunter told the Tennessean he believes the parachute and flare may have been in the buck’s antlers for up to three months.

How the buck ended up tangled with such an unlikely object will likely remain a mystery.

“There’s still velvet on the rack underneath the parachute where he couldn’t but it off,” Hempen told the Tennessean. “That tells you it had to have been there since August or early September.”

The buck’s unusual predicament definitely makes for a one-of-a-kind trophy: something that isn’t lost on the Paducah, Kentucky teen, who is having the buck mounted but isn’t planning to remove the parachute.

“I think it just builds character on the hunt. The parachute was one of the main reasons why I shot him. I’d never seen anything like it. It was just neat,” he told the Tennessean.

We couldn’t agree more. Congrats on an awesome and unique buck, Brady!


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How Did This Buck Get a Flare and Parachute Tangled in its Antlers?