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Wisconsin Hunter Surprised by 222-Pound, 8-Point Antlered Doe

antlered doe

Another antlered doe has been taken, this time in Wisconsin.

A little over a day after news first broke about a 16-point antlered doe being taken in Mississippi, word has come out about another doe rocking headgear taken by a hunter in Wisconsin.

Wayne Douville told ABC 2 News he's shot 130-140 bucks over a lifetime of hunting. But this latest antlered deer from near Abrams is truly one of a kind!

For a doe, 222 pounds is quite the chunky animal! A few antlered does seem to pop up in different areas of the country every year. It's rare, but not completely unheard of. A presence of a larger amount of testosterone than normal is the likely cause for this doe growing antlers.

Wisconsin wildlife biologist Jeff Pritzl said an antlered doe is a one in 100,000 occurrence.

Interestingly enough, while the antlered doe from Mississippi had a non-typical rack that was still in velvet, this doe's antlers were more typical and rubbed clean of velvet. It's easy to see why he'd think there was nothing out of the ordinary until he turned the deer over.

One thing is for sure, Douville is never going to forget this crazy hunt!

"No matter how many years you hunt, you don't expect this to happen," Douville told the News Station.

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Wisconsin Hunter Surprised by 222-Pound, 8-Point Antlered Doe