Outdoor Mother's Day Gifts

5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Outdoorswoman

Here are five classic outdoor Mother's Day gifts for the on-the-go mother in your life.

Outdoor Mother's Day presents are the gifts that keep on giving. These are for the mother in your life that has never shied away from getting outside, getting her hands dirty, and getting in a treestand. Many of the moms out there prefer a good hiking trail to a walk in the mall, or a pair of binoculars to their reading glasses.

Gift ideas are what make a Mother's Day gift guide great and these included here are no exception. Coffee mugs or reusable water bottles are nice, but what makes a great gift for this woman doesn't involve home decor (unless you are talking about she sheds).

Maybe it's the mother of your children who deserves some recognition of the big day. No matter the circumstances, we've got some ideas.

Get your credit card ready because the outdoor-loving mom in your life has a stainless-steel type of moxie that no one can deny and she deserves something different. Gift cards, picture frames, and potted plants are great, but you can get her excited to go outside with any of these things.

1. Solar Backpack

This black solar backpack gives out 6.5W or 10W (depending on the circumstances) of solar power that will take care of her all the way to the top off the trail and back.

Retail: $62

2. Down Camo Hiking Jacket

This 550 fill goose down jacket will keep her warmwhen others won't. It includes a snap off removable hood and even has darts on the back waist for shaping.

Retail: $161.99

3. Keen Targhee II Hiking Shoe

These hiking shoes look dynamite in blue and have stood the test of the online review, receiving an amazing five-out-of-five stars with over 650 people leaving their insights.

Retail: $135 with free shipping.

4. Lightspeed Lounging Chairs

These incredibly lightweight chairs are as at home at the beach as they are at a campsite. And if you get the pair, you'll have something to sit on, too!

Retail: $59/pair

5. The Gift of Reading

Outdoor Mother's Day Gifts

Craig Raleigh

"The Hunter's Way" is not only for the tried and true veterans of the hunt, or the men and women who spend their lives in the pursuit of game. It's for anyone who cares to know a little more about the background, the preparation, the hunt, and the harvest; hunters and non-hunters alike will get something out of this.

Retail: $19.08 (Amazon Prime)

A unique gift can come in many forms, but one from the heart is the most valuable. Since you're just sitting in your living room, and Easter is over, it's time to pick up the laptop and check out what mom would really like.

Then you need to get your shoes on and take her for a hike through her favorite woods...with her favorite kid!

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