Melissa Bachman Pregnant

New Mom Melissa Bachman Talks About Hunting While Pregnant


We asked Melissa Bachman about her experience hunting while pregnant, and she had a lot to share. 

Quick question: Who here has hunted while they're in their third trimester of pregnancy?

Yeah, didn't think there were that many of you.

Despite a growing number of females who consider themselves avid hunters, and certainly an increased share of women who are with child heading out into the woods, possibly toting a gun and doing so (hopefully) as safely as possible.

Melissa Bachman, host of Sportsman Channel's Winchester Deadly Passion, happens to be one of the likely few who've done it, and we absolutely had to ask about it when we had the chance. The hunter from Minnesota walked us through a few situations we were shocked to hear about.

Listen closely to what she says about her hunting trips, and think about it from her view. Is there any way you could last through such an extreme hunting situation while that far into a pregnancy?

"I've always been someone who likes to make things a little more difficult than they probably need to be," said Bachman.

A tahr hunt in New Zealand is not for the weak of heart, and it's noteworthy to point out she's one of the lucky few who even has the availability of a helicopter hunt. Plus, a premier elk tag in South Dakota doesn't come every season, and Bachman made sure to fight through the challenges of a newborn and a hunting schedule.

No matter what's going on in your personal life, there are few things that can legitimately take us away from hunting. Bachman, being a full time producer (Deadly Passion Productions is her own production company), TV show host, and now mother, has taken on a fair amount more than the average American hunter.

Needless to say, she seems like the type who can handle it just fine. She hasn't mastered the hunting profession by accident.

You can follow Melissa on her social media channels, including her own Facebook page and the hunting show's page.