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Boss Buck

5 Luxury Hunting Blinds You MIGHT be Able to Afford

If your idea of hunting deer is relaxing in a luxury hunting blind, then check these out! 

You may have seen those high-end hunting blinds that most hunters would pay a year's salary to own. If you're like most of us, luxury hunting blinds like those are fun to look at, but there's very little chance of ever owning one. Well, thanks to some innovative new technologies, some luxury blinds are actually affordable. Blinds like these may not be something you can just go buy on a whim, but a little planning might be able to put one out on your food plot sooner rather than later.

1. Boss Buck Comfort Zone: $1,549

Want to hunt out of something that is weatherproof with tinted windows? How about something big enough you could bring along a Lazy Boy? Well, the Boss Buck Comfort Zone has that ability and more. Plenty of windows provides angles for game coming in at all directions. The vertical windows are made for bow hunting as well.

2. Muddy Bull Box Blind: $2,499

Here's a nice big blind that will not only keep you warm, it will keep you comfortable as well. What really makes this one of the top shelf luxury hunting blinds available are the insulated walls. There are also cup holders and shelving inside to store your gear. 

3. Nature Blinds Tree Blind: $3,994

Want to look like a tree while feeling like a million bucks? Nature Blinds has you covered. The walls are four inches thick to help with scent control. There is also carpet. On top of all that, it's also big enough to handle multiple hunters rather comfortably. What really sets this blind apart is that it is made in the USA.

4. Redneck Blinds Buck Palace Platinum: $3,399

Here's a fiberglass stand that is built to last a very long time. With tinted auto glass for the windows, not much is going to break it either. What else makes this blind pretty nice is all the foam insulation surrounding it on the inside. This little feature not only helps insulate, but also deadens a whole bunch of sound as well. Oh yeah, there's also built in gun racks and storage shelves.

5. Banks Outdoors Stump 4 Vision Series: $3,099

Want to film a hunt? Want to bring along your family? The Stump 4 will get that job done and then some. With a 360 degree field of view and ceiling to floor windows, nothing is going to sneak up on you. Insulated floors, ceilings, and walls will keep you warm as can be as well. By most accounts, this is one of those luxury hunting blinds that is considered a best in class.