recipe for ground venison

Here's a Great Recipe for Ground Venison: Venison Taco Pizza

Looking for a real tasty recipe for ground venison? This should do the trick. 

Babe and Kris Winkelman are icons in the outdoors industry. For years, Kris' kitchen has been a staple for many hunters and fishermen when it comes to finding good recipes for wild game. For example, this excellent recipe for ground venison makes a venison taco pizza that your whole family will love. If you are like me, any pizza will do. However, a taco pizza is pretty high up on the list.

Just like with any wild game recipe, many variations of ingredients can make this an entirely new recipe. For example, I've had taco pizzas made with queso sauces instead of salsas. Thankfully though, a recipe like this can fit about any taste you are looking for. I think adding in a ton of hot peppers would be more up my alley right off the bat. Oh, and blue cheese salad dressing. Maybe that's just me though.

So what do you think? Will you be using this recipe for ground venison any time soon? I can bet we will! Thankfully, deer season is right around the corner.