venison burger recipe

Here's a Venison Burger Recipe That would be Perfect on the Grill

This venison burger recipes just oozes deliciousness. 

If you love to cook wild game, then odds are high that you know all about The Sporting Chef. These guys make amazing venison recipes that are easy enough for just about anybody to make. For example, how about this venison burger recipe that incorporates horseradish into the mix? Besides that, the ingredient list is about a mile long, but it does seem easy to follow.

Check this recipe out for yourself. If you still have some venison burger left, fire up the grill this weekend and get to cooking.

Yeah, that charring on the top and the bottom would just set this recipe off. Besides all that, toss in that bacon in the mix and you are talking about restaurant quality burgers.

There's still plenty of time left of the summer. Come January, the smell of charcoal is going to be distant memory so get out out there soon and fire up the grill. When you do, remember this venison burger recipe and put it good use. It's going to be a keeper for a long time.

Wow! I can't wait to try it!