50 cal

What Can a .50 Cal Do vs. 6 Cast Iron Skillets?

Is there anything a .50 cal can't handle? 

Lately, it seems there have been several videos flooding social media sites showing off exactly what big guns can do against random things. Well, let this video by Edwin Sarkissian add another awesome little tidbit to the clutter. Usually, when something like this comes along you can't help but watch, and this video is no exception.

So the title of this posts still begs the question; what can a .50 cal really do against six cast iron skillets? Well, let's find out.

Did you actually think those skillets were going to stop an armor piercing tank gun? Me either, but it was still fun to watch. However, from what it looked like, six skillets might have been about all a single round could handle. Considering it blew the back out of the first couple skillets, the round lost quite a bit of steam as it passed through the last one. Who knows, there's a good chance it still could have cracked that block in half as well.

That's all for this simple .50 cal test. Here's to waiting on the next one!