hook a humpback whale

Kid and Dad Hook a Humpback Whale in the Video of a Lifetime

If you have always wanted to hook a humpback whale, here's what will happen. 

One heck of a wild video just emerged out of what seems like somewhere "down under." A father and a son were out fishing when a smallish whale swam into their lines. What happened next is exactly what you think would happen. The whale quickly realized it was hooked and started breaching.

It didn't take much for it to break the lines of the rods holding onto it. However, what else would you expect would happen if you tried to hook a humpback whale yourself?

Caution: These anglers get excited and let out some harsh language.

Nico Brasen and his father Glenn are the two anglers featured in this clip, posted by Nico. Even though the whole thing was a rather quick encounter, this is something that young Nico is going to tell his grandkids one day about the "one that got away."