U.S. Flag Taxidermy Mount
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5 Cool Ways to Make a Patriotic U.S. Flag Taxidermy Mount

Here is how to show your patriotism with your taxidermy trophies.

People continue to find new and interesting ways to show their love of the United States, and one of the newest ways is through taxidermy. Yes, really.

The taxidermy industry has responded. We're starting to see more and more deer mounts, European skull mounts and even fish mounts displaying the stars and stripes in some way, shape, or form.

Are you looking to do something like this for your next trip to the taxidermist?

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If so, we have some ideas of how you can incorporate the American flag into your newest piece of home décor.

Shoulder mounts

Technically, this appears to be a wall pedestal mount, but you get the idea. This sharp-looking whitetail mount works a little piece of the U.S. flag into the edge of this buck's hide.

It's a subtle, but eye-turning deer head for sure. This is one taxidermy mount that is sure to be a conversation starter!

Sail flag

While most of the patriotic taxidermy we've seen of late has involved deer, this awesome-looking fish mount from Gray Taxidermy is more than impressive.

A sailfish is already a gorgeous fish, but Old Glory looks as good here as it would flying proudly from a flagpole!

We also ran across a version of this where the whole fish was emblazoned with the stars and stripes, but we like this version better because the flag compliments the fish's natural color rather than overshadowing it.

Skull carving

Here is a unique take on a traditional European deer skull mount. If you're artistically inclined with a Dremel tool or know someone who is, this could be an option for you. You could also incorporate cool designs like this with bear, elk or even moose skulls if you were so inclined!

Flag Backdrop

Sometimes you don't need anything fancy. Just a simple flag hung on the wall as a backdrop is enough to make your mount stand out. You could also try a flag backdrop on an antler mount

Hydro Dip Deer Skull

As an alternative to the skull carving, you can try hydro dipping your skull in a patriotic style. Most of the first mounts we saw like this involved dipping the skulls in a camo pattern.

Personally, I haven't been a fan of most hydro dipped stuff, but the flag actually looks really nice like this. It's not overly garish like some other designs, and it gives the skull just the right amount of pop for your wall mount.

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