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Hydro Dipping: A Thrifty Way to Display Your Trophy [PICS]

Dave Lastarza

Consider hydro dipping as a unique way to preserve the memory of a hunt.

A successful outing in the field has a variety of definitions. For some, it's about not being at work and spending time with friends and family. Others may consider making special memories as the main point of the hunt.

But for those who judge successes by taking game home with you, hydro dipping or graphics is a worthwhile way to preserve a hunting memory in tangible form.


My belief is that if I take a game animal's life, I should use every single part of that animal. After the freezer is full, showing that particular animal the utmost respect by displaying it is important to me.

Not only does putting that set of antlers or skull on your wall preserve the animal's memory, but every time you glance over at it, if you're like me, you will relive the day of the hunt. Remembering the day a plan came together and you finally caught up with Mr. Big, or lured that coyote into your set, is what a display is all about.

For those who have either run out of wall space or simply do not have a budget to accommodate a $500-plus taxidermy bill, hydro dipping is for you.

This technique of displaying your trophy has become very popular over the past few years, and it's a unique, generally inexpensive way to display your trophy. Last season I took a modest eight pointer in Upstate New York during rifle season. I am quickly running out of wall space at my house (years of hunting plus a wife who is also an admitted hunting addict will do that), so another shoulder mount at this time was out of the question.


I did a little research online and found a local guy who dips skulls (or pretty much anything else for that matter) and I am thrilled with how it came out. I chose a snow camo pattern and also had the antlers sprayed. The result is a gorgeous skull to display that was under $200.

Hydro dipping is a great option for many reasons and is an affordable, yet unique way to be able to show your animal respect as well as bring you back to that special day in the field instead of a skull cap laying in your shed. I would recommend this method to anyone looking for something unique for their trophy room.

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Hydro Dipping: A Thrifty Way to Display Your Trophy [PICS]