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Aoudad Time-Lapse Taxidermy Footage is a Work of Art

aoudad taxidermy

Talk about bringing this Aoudad sheep back to life.

Aoudad sheep are definitely among the "black sheep" of the sheep family. Their intense horns and long hair make for a distinctive image when they're standing on the side of a mountain looking down over a gorge.

Check out what the team over at Wildlife Gallery did to bring these sheep back to life: this is some simply incredible taxidermy work.

Absolutely amazing!

Although Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) aren't native to North America, they are now thriving in some areas of the United States, such as west Texas. This mountainous region features deep canyons and extremely rugged terrain, which make hunts extremely difficult. Most shots end up being long range. If you plan on setting out after one of these majestic sheep, be sure to bring a lightweight gun that you can easily carry over long hikes.


If you're looking for your next long range rifle, definitely check-in with the team over at Gunwerks. They custom assemble a variety long range rifles that are designed for hunting different species across the entire globe. The Helios from Gunwerks is an absolute must for the serious sheep hunter looking to carry a heavy-hitting rifle all day without any added weight. Weighing under 7 pounds, this weapon comes in a variety of calibers and sports a super light-weight carbon shell. An outstanding long range rifle right out of the box!

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Aoudad Time-Lapse Taxidermy Footage is a Work of Art