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Is This Mount a Victim of Bad Taxidermy or Stolen Antlers?

bad taxidermy

He shot the deer in velvet, wanted to get a shoulder mount at the taxidermist but got this back in return?

Finding the right taxidermist is like finding the right barber or mechanic. You want quality work for a good price. Like many things in life, taking the cheap road can come back to take your head off, or at least your antlers.

The Imgur user SAFETYPENCIL posted a few pictures of what appears to be a deer he or she shot in 2014.

He opens the gallery with the first photo captioned, “Day I got him.”

stolen antlers

So now that you have a good idea as to what the deer he shot looks like. Let’s take a look at the day he got it back from the taxidermist and hung it up on his grandmother’s wall.

bad taxidermy
Left Side
bad taxidermy
Right Side
bad taxidermy
Side View
head on
Front View

Now I’m not sure if this is just bad taxidermy but SAFETYPENCIL goes on to caption the photos with, “The velvet from the taxidermist is spray-on, looks way different than the natural.”

I hate to say it but your entire deer looks way different, SAFETYPENCIL!

Just to make sure, let’s put the before and after picture up side by side for a little comparison.

bad taxidermy

I don’t want to be the one to tell SAFETYPENCIL, but I think he was had.

All images via Imgur

Do you know anyone who has had their antlers stolen from the taxidermist before? What are your favorite bad taxidermy photos?
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Is This Mount a Victim of Bad Taxidermy or Stolen Antlers?