The 5 Best Reactions to a Successful Hunt

Here are five unbeatable reactions to a kill.

A successful hunt draws out all sorts of different emotions. One second we're nervous, unsure of our shot placement. The next instant, we're on cloud nine experiencing an unexplainable rush of excitement. This roller coaster of emotions has been known to cause some pretty intense and, at times, hilarious reactions for hunters.

The Proud Parent

We start our list with a reaction that is pretty self-explanatory. Hunting brings with it so many fond memories of our own childhood or upbringing, that first big buck, or hanging with the rest of your crew at hunt camp. It's easy to see why, as parents, we're so thrilled to baptize our children into the hunting family. Knowing they're embarking on a life-long journey of fun, fond memories, hard work, and food for the family brings out quite the response for proud parents.

The Shake

Chances are high, if you're a hunter, you've experienced The Shake. This reaction may be the most common from our list. You make a perfect shot and watch the animal go down. As you contemplate what you've just watched you glance down at your hands and legs and realize they're causing the entire tree to shake.

The Luke Bryan

Another common response for many hunters. This one is called the Luke Bryan after its namesake who, let's just say, gets pretty pumped after a successful harvest.

The "Is it Dead?"

An appropriate reaction for the hunter who is too impatient to give an animal enough time to expire. It's always a good idea to confirm the animal is in fact dead. A quick poke ought to do the trick.

The Kendall Jones

Try as you might, you likely won't master this one. It's okay. Few of us ever will. The Kendall Jones is a reaction made famous by one of our favorite female hunting ambassadors. Somehow, after donning all the camo and gear, and hunting in scorching temperatures or frigid cold, in this reaction, you're somehow able to look like you just waltzed out of a magazine photo shoot.

What would you add to the list?

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