Hunting Equipment Stolen From Youth Mentor Program

Someone stole hunting gear from youth mentor program.

It might be a new low. A youth hunting program in Nebraska is coming up a bit short on equipment at the end of the hunting season. According to a report, the state recently discovered that two ladder-style tree stands and five safety lines have been stolen.

As if it wasn't bad enough, that someone would trespass and steal property, stealing from a youth program is a real low blow. You would think our faith in humanity has been tested enough lately.

The equipment was stolen from private land on which the group hunts to teach and mentor youth hunters. The site is just outside of the state's capitol city, Lincoln. Mentors in the program went to the site to collect the equipment at the close of the season and found it was missing. All of the equipment is marked with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission labels.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is seeking any information regarding the stolen property.

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