Five Trends That Will Shape Hunting in 2017

These five trends will have a big impact on the 2017 hunting season.

It's common this time of year to think forward and share hopes for our upcoming hunting season. You're excited. You've got your plan worked out. Everything is set in place. But like every new season, 2017 won't pass without some changes. Here are our predictions for trends that will shape the 2017 hunting season.

Women Hunters

Women will continue to be one of the most interesting trends to watch for 2017. Many women in the outdoor industry are continuing to grow their following. Eva Shockey, Kendall Jones, Taylor Drury, Melissa Bachman, the list goes on and on. Not only have these women all been successful hunters, but they've done so in such a positive way that they've begun to draw a boatload of new women into the hunting addiction.

Beyond that, an ever-growing interest in understanding the food that's being put on the family table will also continue to drive women into the woods. Access to healthy, lean protein and an appreciation for our food are two key drivers in bringing more amazing huntresses into our fold.

Shifting Access to Land

It's no secret: they don't make any more land. It's possible to access private land, but the amount of public land available for hunting continues to shift at a rapid rate. New programs are introduced every year. The government is buying, selling, and exchanging land on an almost daily basis. This could mean good news or bad news for hunters. One thing's for sure, it won't be enough to figure on using the same plan as last year. Be sure to check your local agencies for new or changed land access.

youth hunting rifles and shotguns


First-Time Hunters

As with the introduction of new women hunters, other first-time hunter numbers will also continue to grow. Overall popularity of the sport continues to climb. One thing prompting that growth is the promotion of the sport by modern sportsmen. Today's hunters are engaging in multiple avenues to share their stories and successes. Magazines, social media, blogs, and other venues are being used to celebrate and promote safe, ethical hunting. And it's working well as a method to engage outsiders. It's also a great way to speak truth to value that hunting offers to habitat and wildlife conservation.


Unfortunately it can't all be good news. 2016 was another year where certain areas were hit hard by disease like EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhage Disease) and CWD (Cronic Wasting Disease). Areas all over the United States were impacted and it will take some time for many of those areas to recover.

More Hunting Apps

Moon phase planners, windage charts, sunrise/sunset tables, trail camera inventory, GPS maps, the list goes on and on. New applications are being developed almost daily. It's not surprising then that with that develop will come many new hunting apps. Just make sure you're not using them in the tree stand.

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